same as looking woman

Harking back to the 90s I was in Highgate (in England) at my #1 bistro, tragically shut, over a women cap shop. It was the ideal, Bohemian heaven, consistently stuffed, had the best unrecorded music I’d actually heard on Friday and Saturday evenings and served awesome food and espresso to pass on for. I was with a tall, lovely French woman. In any case, the proprietor sat a gathering of fellows down with us who additionally had a fundamentally the same as looking woman with them and as it happens was French and from a similar town as my friend! I had no clue Brittany had a cloning machine for tall, excellent brunettes yet there you go! So they shared a great deal for all intents and purpose, got talking and really soon we were all visiting.

At any rate, it turns out they were some sort of ‘boyband,’ incredibly renowned yet I didn’t have a solitary hint what their identity was. I hadn’t watched a ton of TV, wasn’t focusing on the diagrams and had no clue who’d been the top selling groups around the time.

So we just wound up talking about ‘stuff’ and I was more astounded the two ladies were from a similar spot in France and looked so comparative!

At any rate, similarly as we were getting up to leave, one of the individuals from the band probably asked, ‘do you know what our identity is?’ I was somewhat befuddled and stated, ‘no.’

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